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Question 1: How to add a link of Return Portal to your Shopify storefront's main menu and footer menu?


  1. Go to FlexReturn, copy the Return Portal URL located at the top right corner.
  2. Login to your Shopify store admin > Online Store > Navigation > Add Item, paste your return portal url to the Link field, and enter a Name like "Order Return", and click Add.

Question 2: How does it charge?

Answer: We charge on monthly subscription through Shopify, each month includes a number of free return quota. After you exceeds the free quota, you will be charged for extra usage of returns by a certain rate.

Question 3: How to enable more resolutions?

Answer: Go to Settings > General > section Reasons > Add or edit a reason > click Save

Question 4: How to enable more resolutions?

AnswerGo to Settings > General > section Resolutions, add toggle the switch to enable a resolution, edit name and return window, then click Save

Question 5: How to create a return rule?

Answer: Go to Settings > Return Rules > Add Zone > select country and provinces. > Save zone > Add Rule > add Conditions for the rule > Save rule > Enable / edit return methods

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