Return Management Introduction

How to manage and process customer return requests


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At the left menu Return List, you can see all the return requests are grouped by the following status: Pending, Approved, Shipped, Received, Refunded, and Resolved . You can search returns by request number, order number, resolution, refund status.

The process flow of return management is as follows:

Pending ➡️Approved ➡️Shipped ➡️Received ➡️Refunded ➡️Resolved

1CustomerSubmit a return requestPending
2MerchantApprove the return requestApproved
3CustomerSend back the return itemsShipped
4MerchantReceive the returned itemsReceived
5MerchantIssue a refundRefunded
6MerchantResolve the return requestResolved

At the Return List, Click View to open a return request to start processing it.

1. Pending

You can see the list of returns submitted by customers under the tab Pending. You can approve or reject the return request. 

Click Approve to approve the return. At the popup window, there are two options for the Label Upload

  • Manually upload: You can upload your own shipping label, select the carrier, and enter the tracking number and tracking url.
  • Auto Generated by carrier: Our system will automatically generate the shipping label, and create details of carrier, tracking number and tracking url. Notice: you need to connect to a carrier in advance, at Settings > Carriers > Current Carrier

If the checkbox Send email to notify customer is checked, then your customers will receive an email notification about return is approved.

Click Reject to reject the return. At the popup window, enter the reason to reject the return. If the checkbox Send email to notify customer is checked, your customer will receive an email notification about why the return is rejected. 

2. Approved

After approved, you can click "Receive" when your customer send the items back to you.

3. Received

After received, you can click "Refund" to issue a refund to your customer. 

4. Resolved

You can click "Resolve" to resolve the return request.

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